Our Services

What we do:

Lawn Mowing, Season Clean-Ups, Trimming Shrubs, Pruning, Mulch, Bed Edging, Pavers, etc.


Season Clean-Ups

Our season clean ups are per customer's request and also once weather permits. We have spring and fall clean up. During our Spring visit we ensure we clean the yard and remove any leaves. we also remove any small branches and debris. Our Fall season clean-up we rake up all of the leaves, debris and small tree limbs in the yard and remove them if customer requests. The dates are selected by your request. We are happy to provide a quote for you.


The Thatch in your lawn, is no more than a layer of dead grass or plant material which can include roots, grass and leaves which lay on the surface of the soil. While it can be considered as a compost material, it is actually decomposing plant material that can suffocate your lawn.


When requesting Mulch work you have some options, whether it's topping off your existing mulch or it's  removing it. If you are looking to remove the previous mulch we will  clean the area from weeds, place new weed barrier and then your choice of color.



From trimming small bushes to bigger ones we can help. Call us for a quote